Neff ‘streamlined’ ovens aim to solve supply chain issues

Appliance manufacturer Neff is releasing a new ‘streamlined’ range of ovens this summer that it says will help overcome previous supply chain issues.

Speaking to kbbreview about the supply chain issues that have recently been affecting the appliance market, Sue Flowers, group marketing manager at Neff said: “We’re seeing green shoots of recovery. The components have become more available now where before all the parts simply weren’t there. We’ve looked at our ranges and streamlined them, and this concept is great because we’ve created this whole suite of appliances that can just be personalised with trims. We’ve actually created the best opportunity to create a suite of assets that are then personalised to whatever someone wants.”

Sue Flowers, Group Marketing Manager at Neff

This follows the announcement last year that Neff and other brands owned by BSH had taken steps to ration the supply of some of their products.

The new Flex Design range of ovens features an assortment of trims and handles in four distinct finishes: brushed bronze, anthracite grey, metallic silver, and deep black. Available in seven different lengths, the new trims are designed to be easy to remove and install, offering consumers the freedom to mix and match the aesthetic look of their products as their tastes change, without the expense and hassle of replacing the entire appliance.

Alongside the customisable trims, Neff’s N90 and N70 ovens also both feature full touch- screen interfaces offering responsive swipe-and-tap controls, and some N90 models can also be operated by the brand’s Twist Pad Flex system. Previously seen on some of Neff’s induction hob products, the Twist Pad Flex can be snapped on or off of a product’s touch screen to offer users dial as well as touch control.

Supply chain issues have been affecting appliance manufacturers since Covid disrupted factory production. kbbreview recently published an analysis of the issue where it concluded “things are getting better even if they are not fully back to normal,” after reviewing the personal experiences of several key industry figures.

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