PJH invests in new achievement-based learning platform

PJH has demonstrated its commitment to employee learning and development by upgrading its bespoke online staff training platform.

The Engage, Learn, Support & Achieve (ELSA) platform – which was first launched in October of last year – has been enhanced with a range of new features.

Following the investment from PJH, employees can now earn badges and achievements through using the website. These are awarded after they surpass various learning milestones but can also be earned through collaborative learning sessions with colleagues, seeking expert guidance through the platform, and by completing virtual coaching sessions.

The ELSA facility is now available both online and as a mobile app, which PJH says it hopes will allow its employees to learn flexibly and at their own pace.

Dawn Kennedy, PJH’s learning and development manager, said: “The enhanced ELSA platform is designed to take employee learning to the next level and underscores PJH’s commitment to nurturing its employees’ growth and ensuring that they remain the company’s first choice.

“The new features take employee learning engagement to a whole new level and more importantly makes the learning experience more relevant than ever to an individual’s work and unique career path.”

According to PJH its learning resource modules have been viewed more than 54,000 times, with over 31,000 tasks completed on the software to date.

Similarly to its employee training programme, PJH also recently enhanced its online retailer portal, in a bid to improve its functionality. The supplier also recently revealed it has selected Macmillan Cancer Support to be its charity of the year.

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