The kbbreview Podcast: Is there too much choice?

Welcome to The kbbreview Podcast, your host is Andy Davies and this is Episode Five of Season Ten.

And today’s episode is all about choice – To be or not to be? Should I stay or should I go? The hokey cokey…

Deciding between one thing and another is hard enough but when customers are buying a new kitchen or bathroom they have thousands of possible options in front of them.

But can you have too much choice?

Are there just too many products on the market? Just how many sinks or basins, taps or showers, ovens or hobs do you really need to go through? And are most of them so similar that it’s really hard to find the differences and what their actual value to the customer is?

And does the level of choice ultimately leave the customer frustrated and just wanting something straightforward and simple?

We’re talking it all through with a couple of great retailers – Dawn Theobald-Park from Dovetail Kitchens in West Sussex and Andy Stockwell from Gardiner Haskins in Bristol

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