Sustainability: Back to the future…

Mereway Kitchens’ managing director Mark Mills explains why the about British Kitchen brand is committed to helping its retail network take a ‘greener’ approach [1-6-2021]

Sustainability: Waste not, want not

Anne Kaarlela, Insinkerator marketing communications and customer service manager, Europe and Russia, explains how retailers can play an active role in educating consumers about the environmental issues around food waste. [31-5-2021]

Gordon Riddoch

Why compliance matters

Why Gordon Riddoch, the MD of Rutland London, is calling for greater compliance with UK and EU standards in the heated bathroom product arena. [20-4-2021]

My Covid year: A time like no other

Darren Taylor, The Searle and Taylor MD, reflects on a year like no other he has experienced and considers how he had to adapt his business. [7-4-2021]

It’s not easy being green

Mick Evans, at Lakes Showering Spaces, is urging KBB designers and retailers to ensure sustainability remains a top priority. [1-4-2021]

Nikita Pearce

Let’s be more inclusive

The owner of Honest by Design, Nikita Pearce, on why she feels we should be aiming to attract, value, promote and retain more women [23-3-2021]

Sofia Charalambous

Women: A force for change

The joint-owner of Bathroom Origins, Sofia Charalambous, sees lots of talented females in retail but feels women are under-represented in manufacturing and product design. [16-3-2021]