Appliance delivery woes return for big brands as tech glitch hits logistics partner

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Retailers are facing the return of appliance delays and uncertainty over delivery dates as the distribution partner for major appliance brands tackles a ‘major’ problem with its IT infrastructure.

Global delivery giant Yusen Logistics suffered an issue with its IT last week which has affected invoicing and delivery. It is not yet known what caused the problem. 

Yusen Logistics is a partner for  brands such as BSH, Smeg, and Haier and also works with Howdens on warehousing and UK distribution services.

BSH sent a letter to dealers yesterday (September 25) outlining the problem saying that the IT outage “affected the invoicing and delivery of appliances via our small delivery platform network throughout last week which will continue into this week.”

According to BSH’s letter, Yusen is working to rebuild their systems, but has so far had “limited success”.

“As a result, deliveries and invoicing continue to be adversely impacted and we cannot currently say for certain when the normal delivery service will be resumed,” he says. “BSH is reviewing all measures to mitigate the impact to our trade partners, and manual solutions are in place to help goods flow. However we extend our sincere apologies for the ongoing disruption this might cause to your business.”

A BSH spokesperson told kbbreview:  “One of our logistics partners is undergoing severe IT issues. These are ongoing and we are taking all possible steps to mitigate the impact to trade partners. Whilst this is outside the control of BSH, we apologise to our customers and thank them for their patience. We will keep them updated during this period.”

kbbreview has also contacted Smeg, Haier and Yusen Logistics for comment.

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